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Training & Development

Investing in your future – and ours

Investing in our people is good business sense. We can’t deliver our ambitious work programme without them, so it’s vital they get the right training and support to help them develop.

That training and support comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s always carefully tailored to each individual’s development needs. It includes:

  • Expert on-the-job coaching.
  • Off-the-job training courses on everything from safety to signalling design, leadership skills to interpersonal skills.
  • Regular performance and development reviews.
  • Work shadowing.
  • Dedicated mentors.
  • Sponsorship to study for professional qualifications through our Further Education Sponsorship Scheme.

And as well as retaining and developing the talent we have, we want to add to it with the very best up-and-coming talent too. That’s why we also have award-winning apprenticeship and graduate training programmes. Our apprenticeship programme will open for applications in January 2013 and the graduate programme will open in October 2012.

We see training and development programmes as a catalyst for bigger and better things. So we’ve launched a host of other initiatives to keep the momentum going and encourage our people to carry on developing themselves. By empowering them to achieve their own career aspirations, we also motivate them to come up with new and better ways of working. It’s a win-win approach. And it’s one we intend to build on.