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About us

Our vision: ‘Working together to deliver an outstanding Tube for London’

To make our vision a reality, we’re focused on maintaining, renewing and upgrading the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Lines to speed up travel for 1.9 million people every day.

The investment programme we’re driving forward is worth £5.4bn over eight years. Last year alone, we put £425 million into upgrading and maintaining our assets. And one of our biggest achievements was completing our flagship project: the Jubilee Line upgrade.

Tube Lines is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transport for London and has been since 2010. We’re responsible for delivering the engineering and modernisation programme on our lines. We work in partnership with London Underground, which is responsible for the overall strategy and management of the Tube network including the operation of train services, ticketing, fares and travelcards, timetables and the closure of lines and stations.