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Tube Lines

People policy

An environment of mutual respect

Tube Lines is committed to providing a workplace where everyone feels respected and valued. Employees receive clear leadership and opportunities for growth. We help our employees develop their skills, abilities and confidence throughout their career. Wherever practical, we offer flexibility to enable employees to balance personal and professional aspirations. We actively promote equal employment opportunities through our resource planning and competency-based selection processes.

We encourage and expect our employees to live our values and demonstrate mutual respect – discriminatory or other inappropriate behaviour which undermine our values will not be tolerated.

Tube Lines commits to:

  • Maintain levels of remuneration that will attract, retain and motivate employees on the basis of each individual’s contribution.
  • Recognise delivery of results against agreed business objectives.
  • Ensure all employees are equipped with the required skills for their role, and create opportunities for career development and internal succession based upon merit and potential.
  • Insist that employees demonstrate mutual respect for each other and adopt a zero tolerance stance on discriminatory, threatening, violent or other inappropriate behaviour.
  • Maintain working-time arrangements which serve the needs of our customers and the business in supporting efficient operation of the Underground network. Tube Lines will conform to statutory requirements relating to working-time, and presents employees with opportunities to pragmatically and sensibly achieve a balance between personal and professional aspirations.

As an employee, you will be required to:

  • Ensure that you understand and focus your efforts on your agreed objectives. You are required to set high expectations of yourself and others, and work collaboratively to continuously improve levels of performance.
  • Take ownership for developing and maintaining your skills and abilities to further your career and improve your performance.
  • Demonstrate respect for others in the workplace by avoiding discriminatory and other inappropriate behaviour, and commit to dealing with issues in an open and honest manner.
  • Respect the confidentiality of company information and refrain from engaging in inappropriate behaviour, including misuse use of Tube Lines property and IT systems.
  • Meet your commitments with respect to attendance at work, and take proactive measures to keep absences and consequent adverse effects on our service to a minimum.