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Tube Lines

What we do

We maintain, renew and upgrade over 320km of track, 254 points and crossings, 255 trains, 100 stations, 4,314 bridges and structures, 80km of embankments and cuttings, 231 escalators and 110 lifts. It’s a massive 41% of the entire Tube network. And it’s a huge responsibility. With over 500 million passenger journeys made each year on our network, safety, reliability and high performance are key to what we do.

A snapshot of what we got up to last year alone includes:

  • Renewing over 9.3km of track
  • Completing seven major escalator refurbishments
  • Overhauling fleet on the Northern line
  • Introducing step-free access at Green Park and Heathrow stations
  • Bringing Jubilee line maintenance in-house

And all that on top of completing the massive Jubilee line upgrade, which allowed us to launch a new timetable – 57 trains per hour during peak times instead of 51.

Most of our work takes place in the early hours, when the Tube trains stop running. And to deliver our projects on time and within budget, we draw on an array of award-winning innovations and technologies.

We also provide a number of Specialist Services, including Escalator Services, Power & Electrical, Distribution Services and an Emergency Response Unit across the network, along with comprehensive Specialist Training and Assessment Services and Competency Management.