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Tube Lines


Being safe is one of our core values, which means we all have a responsibility to ensure the safety of ourselves, our contractors and the millions of passengers who use our lines every day.

We are focusing on making our sites and assets safer for everyone by:

  • Launching a new campaign called ‘A Million Steps to Safety’, which will see senior managers out on site regularly, listening to feedback and ideas.
  • Removing 1,000 hazards from our workplace in the next 12 months. We will do this through the ‘A Million Steps to Safety’ campaign, as well as everyone working together to highlight hazards and suggest ways to remove them.
  • Launching a safety behavioural leadership programme; a dedicated training programme for managers that looks to address the behaviours behind safety and ensures they understand their responsibilities.
  • Revisiting our procedures and processes, the Quality team will work with everyone in the business to review and amend where appropriate.
  • Overhauling the Incident Report Form (IRF) process to make it more intuitive, ensuring better reporting facilities and making it easier to see what we’ve done to address the incident and prevent it from happening again.
  • Encouraging individuals and teams to innovate and develop better safer methods – and, once proven, sharing them across the company.

In our mission to work together to deliver an outstanding Tube for London, we must always remain vigilant when it comes to safety. No job is too important or urgent that it cannot be done safely.